Snapshot a Day (2/8)

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Snapshot a Day (2/8)

We got snow Smile

866A0741-2 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

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Steph- isn't this cold just miserable though!? I am hating it. My allergies are kicking my rear! You guys got more than we did! There is more coming too! :o:o Love this pic though. How did Hudson respond to the snow?

Here's Ruthie's mini snowman! Too cute huh?!

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That's so cute, Steph! Love the snow shots and the happy smiles!

Cute, love that mini snowman, Sadie!

This is probably the most representative snap of our day, if not the best one. It's the kids' little 'friends' party at Color Me Mine, the pottery-painting place.

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posted on wrong date.

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Steph - look at all that snow! Hudson doesn't seem to be enjoying it as much as his big brothers. Wink

Sadie - LOVE Ruthie's little snowman! Love this conversion too!

Tracy - love the "we love to party" sign in the back ... really seems right for the occassion! Looks like the kids really enjoyed themselves!