Snapshot a Day (3/16)

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Snapshot a Day (3/16)

I've been MIA dealing with this little dude's birthday and party!! How is he 4??

I made up this progression this morning Smile All old photos, but it's all I have so far. All the images from today (his birthday) are still on the camera Smile

Untitled by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

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My parent's cat Dusty keeping warm.

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Awww Steph! Look at that big boy! Happy (day late) Birthday to Jackson! I hope he had a great day.

Amanda - my cat used to do that too, but to keep COOL! Beautiful eyes - you do such a great job of capturing the eyes!

Here's mine:

a paleo "burger" ... it was BEYOND yummy! but next time, I'll make them smaller. I couldn't even finish mine (& that was after a tough workout, feeling FAMISHED).


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Steph- love this collage! He is one boy who you can tell it was him all the way through!
GiGi- that looks delish!
Amanda- I agree, great eyes! Too funny!