Snapshot a Day (7/11 - 7/14) and Shares

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Snapshot a Day (7/11 - 7/14) and Shares

Since we didn't have a Flashback Friday or any snapshot threads, I'm just going to start something to throw everything in together. I'm hoping people aren't too busy for a share!

Here's some of my snaps/shares for the past several days. Micah this morning, before his haircut:
Haircut Day

Yesterday in the woods with friends:

Slurpee day:
Free Slurpee Day

Free Slurpee Day

Upside down:
Tree Climbing

Hopscotch Vintage

Don't think I shared this one with her other Ninja Turtle pic last week:
Mutant Ninja Nora

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Tracy - SO many great shares! I just LOVE the "upside down" pic of Micah! It's beautiful and playful and all Micah. Biggrin It looks like you are finding lots of opportunities to bring out your camera. I just LOVE it!

I've got a few snaps still on my camera from late last week, but have been really pre-occupied with our A/C unit which has given us 2 weeks solid of nothing but trouble. *sigh*

I'll try to bbl with a few snaps of my own.

Take care,