Snapshot a Day (9/21)

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Snapshot a Day (9/21)

Starting it off for today with some sock monkey love.
Sweet as Can Be

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I'm afraid all I have is a quick iPad snap of Logan's breakfast on Saturday:

cinnamon roll waffles - spoiled much?



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Can I steal Nora???? She looks like she's exactly my kind of girl. She seems like she has the perfect mix of girly-ness and rough and tumble in her.

And GiGi, please come cook me breakfast!! Drew is on a Paleo diet right now, and I'm missing my sweet breakfasts like that!

We had Family Day at Cat on Saturday! Probably shouldn't have gone since Jackson had a low grade fever before we left, but darn it, it only comes once a year, and we missed it last year because of vacation! The boys got to go on the factory floor and see the line. They had such a great time!

This is them with half of the 16M Motograder. They did get to climb up into it and sit in the cab, but I'll just keep it to one picture Smile

866A6659-2 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

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