Snapshot a Day (9/23)

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Snapshot a Day (9/23)

What were you up to yesterday?

Funny dude!

upload by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

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Cute one, Steph!

Sous Chef's Reward

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That one screams childhood, Tracy!

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You guys both have such characters in your boys!

Tracy - I wanna lick the batter too! Smile What a great shot of such a wonderful childhood moment.

Steph - Jackson just cracks me up! I would love to visit with you some day (ARisn't THAT far, right?). I would love to just be in the room with your boys. I'll bet they are a constant source of mirth.


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Well GiGi, if you are gonna visit Stephanie, you HAVE to visit me!!!!
Tracy- YUM! I agree, great childhood moment!
Steph- he is one funny dude who always makes me smile!
We went on a hike to Petit Jean mountain on this day and I did get some with my camera, but haven't edited yet, so phone will have to do...