Snapshot Share: Nov 1-7

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Snapshot Share: Nov 1-7

Hello ladies! Hoping you all had a fantastic weekend. It's been quiet here. Hope everyone has a chance to pop in and share!

Here are a few from my weekend. Halloween was great. We had a blast dressing up and going to our church Hallelujah Night. Then we had Thanks-mas (Thanksgiving+Christmas) with Randall's dad's side of the family. It's been crazy, but good!

I made our costumes this year. Thanks to Pinterest!

Copied this off FB, so excuse the quality

Learned how to create fall colors....without fall colors! The trees behind him were green and yellow.

B&W photo challenge that I bailed on, on total accident! Just realized!

Me & my boy!

My babies

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Sadie ... those costumes are SOOOOOO CUTE! I love that you guys coordinated your costumes! Carlos and I always dress up, but it's rare that we actually coordinate our costumes. And Logan doesn't get "into" this holiday, so he rarely particpated beyond helping us hand out candy.

You need to teach me how to create those fall colors like you did on Randy's ADORABLE photo! WOW! It's a great photo anyway, but those warm colors behind him really set him off.

TFS, Sadie!

I didn't take much last week - it was a hard week w/ my grandma passing away. Lots of family drama to boot. I took photos at Logan's soccer games though. I am about to start a fresh thread for this week, so I"ll probably post them there.

Again, TFS!


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Sadie, those costumes rock!!! You guys look fantastic!

And wow on those photos of Randy, I love both of them!!

GiGi, I'm so sorry about your grandma and the family drama. How are things going now? You doing OK? Hugs and prayers for you!