Snow Cone!

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Snow Cone!

Okay, give it to me! I wanna know how I'm coming along. I got a new laptop, so I'm trying to get used to the colors now (which I feel like I see better, but could be totally wrong!) The colors seem a bit off to me, but I'm not sure how. They looked too blueish before I came up with this. I wanted to make them look "summer-y", and I don't know if that's what I did, or just screwed up the color all together Wink

I'd also like CC on anything else you can think of. I really want to step up my game.

ETA: D'oh! I forgot to post my settings!

1/250 f/5.6 ISO 800



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I think the light and focus look really good, I can't technically comment on color but it is a tad yellow/orange in the shadows, and I see noise in the shadows. I think they're cute though!

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Regarding the colour, I can't help there. I'm terrible at it. But I like the shots. There's a bit of neat intensity in his eyes with the first one, like he's just getting a hit of cold sweetness and really enjoying it. The second one is just pure cute!

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I'll try to get a look at these when I'm at home so I can talk color, but I just wanted to say I like the second one a lot. You really captured the sparkle in his eyes with that one Biggrin

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Very cute! I can't comment on color (at work) but exposure looks nice. I'd probably try lightening up the right side of the photo, as not as much light has hit is face.

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I think Amy might have it right with the colours.

I think the shots are great.