so nature share, Fuji manual, and Noiseware

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so nature share, Fuji manual, and Noiseware

Thanks again to Gwen for pointing me to the standalone free edition of Noiseware!!! I LOVE IT!

Yesterday afternoon we were all hanging out outside and I saw my favorite little flower visitor show up in my garden! (the clearwing sphinx moth) I hardly ever get to see these guys so I practically leapt to the door of the house and went to grab my camera. The last time I saw & photographed one was last summer.
I used the Fuji only because I am out of memory for my Canon at the moment....but I was glad I did actually because I ended up switching it to manual and I think I finally nailed it with the non-SLR manual! (on the moth and a honeybee later)

Here are a couple favorites.

1. 1/1024, F/3.1, ISO 200, 46mm

2. settings same as #1

3. same settings

4. 1/1200, F/3.1, ISO 200, 17mm

5. 1/826, F/8, ISO 200, 32mm

6. 1/1261, F/3.1, ISO 200, 15mm

and another recent one I liked....
1/338, F/3.1, ISO 100, 17mm

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Amy- these are awesome! I LOVE #1! Well done! Your nature photos always amaze me!

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WOW, these are amazing!!!! These were with a non-SLR? I have never seen one of those moths, it's pretty. I usually don't like insects, but that is one pretty moth. You really do have an eye for these!

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Those are amazing AMy. That moth looks like it is huge! Is it?

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That thing is so cool!! It seriously looks like a hummingbird. You have some amazing shots here. I'm in love with the compa nd color of #4!!

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you totally needed a bee warning in your subject line! Lol I hate bees!

loving your captures, you really get up close and personal with these guys. and I will tell you that I captured some kind of butterfly yesterday while we were blueberry picking, just because of you. Wink Hope to get some time to get through those photos so I can share them with you.

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Thanks everyone! Sadie I'm so happy to see you checkin' in! Tara yes I used my Fuji S5100 which is one of those non-SLR go-betweens that has almost all the capabilities of an SLR. It was my first digital camera and I used it exclusively for 5 years before owning an SLR.

The moth was actually only about 1.5 to 2" long. It was the tiniest one I've seen yet! There are bigger ones though. I think they're so neat. One time during college my DH (then boyfriend/fiance) and a friend of ours were in the mountains hiking & fishing and I came upon a flowering shrub that was literally LOADED with these little guys nectaring at the flowers. I wish I had pics of that.

Gwen I can't wait to see your butterfly pic!

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WOW! You are the QUEEN of nature shots like this! You just blow me away!

The clarity, the color, the composition ... everything is SPOT ON!


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awesome! TFS!:D

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Thank you GiGi and Lauren! I thought I replied earlier than this but I guess not!