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So Nervous

Just need to put this out there!

In about an hour, I will be dressing my family and going to meet an aquaintance who will be taking my family's pictures. Although she studied photography in college, I haven't seen anything other than snaps of hers... but she is local and willing to help out. Now I am having serious second thoughts. I know I can only get my family to agree to this once, and the bribery that has gone into making this happen with DH is crazy. Part of me wishes I had asked someone who knew NOTHING about photography to just push the button and I set all the settings the way I want them (then it is on me if they dont turn out well). AAaaahhhh!

Do I quick cancel and do this another time? Cross my fingers and hope for the best?

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I'm sure it will be fine, but I understand the nerves. Just go for it! It will be much better than setting and handing your camera over, bc no matter how many times that happens the pictures never turn out the way I want them

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I went with it... and she used her flash (with diffuser) the whole time. I know we are a tough group (control freak me plus grumpy husband, attitudey 13 yr old, disinterested 9 yr old, distracted 2 yr old and crabby 1 yr old). I am interested to see if we got anything worth printing...

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Keep us posted!

I'm like you, I'm a control freak and would rather set the camera up and have someone else push the button ... Wink

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Good for you on wrangling up the family and getting it done. That really is the important part, whether you ahve a friend do the shooting or whether you set a timer and do it yourself or anywhere in between. I think a lot of us have trouble remembering to come out from behind the camera from time to time.

You'll have to share the results when you can though! You have such beautiful kids ... I can't wait to see you all together! Smile


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I can't wait to hear either! I sooooooo need to do family photos, but time is not on our hands!