So sorry I've been a bad member/host

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So sorry I've been a bad member/host

I haven't posted here much at all in the past few months... I've been uber busy with life and photography. I've had many sessions and am really getting in the groove. My last three orders have been over $400 and I've been working my @ss off. The largest print purchased was a 20x24 and the largest canvas gallery wrap was 20x30... *yes, I'm tooting my own horn, but I know you guys appreciate all the hard work I've done for it!!! I found that I love newborns and could really see myself solely doing babies. My website is coming together more and more and I have at least 2 sessions continually booked. I have an engagement session coming up in October that may lead me into a small wedding... we'll see.

Now that Brianna is back in school, I hope to devote a bit more time to this board. Sorry I'm a slacker lately!

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That's awesome!!!! Congrats so much!

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WOW.... good job.... I think you will just go up and onwards from here on out


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That's awesome Stacey, you deserve it girl!

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That's amazing! Congrats!!!

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You totally deserve it Stacey! Good for you. But it's nice to see youu back too.;)

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I agree, congrats! That's awesome! And we understand how much time it takes being a mom and photographer, so no worries. Smile

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Congrats, that is wonderful!

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Congratulations on the many "gigs". I took a look at your site and it's looking great! Keep up the good work! Smile Of course we miss you around here but I think we all understand how it feels to be a mommy, wife, photographer, etc.

Good luck with everything!

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sounds like things are really going well for you. totally understand being busy, but glad to see you when you have time to post. Smile

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We are all mammas, we understand being busy! I can't wait to see some work! Glad things are working out so well for you! KUP!

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Congrats to you! And love your siggy! Smile

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That's GREAT news though!! Yeah, can't say I haven't missed ya Smile