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soccer shots

It's been a while since I shared anything, so I thought I'd take the time to do so today. As is usual for me at this time of year, work is picking up which means I am not spending much time with my camera. However, it IS soccer season, so I know at least once a week I have some photo fun to pick me up.

Here are a few shots from Logan's last couple of games:

and here is the poster I'll be printing (I think) for this season:

Logan has a double header of games this weekend so I am charging my batteries and clearing off my memory cards so that I'll be ready!



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He looks so big now Sad The second photo in particular makes him look so tall. Why do they have to grow up so fast? Love your shots, GiGi!

I'm loving the opportunity to shoot Carson's soccer, even IF he doesn't like the sport as much as I thought he would Wink (BTW, he liked this 3rd practice a little better than last week's. I think it helped that I played with him in the back yard before hand, and he had a great time with it.)

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Thanks Steph! like I mentioned to you before, Logan didn't like soccer so much when he joined his first team. He got easily frustrated and the games were an out and out disaster! but one thing we did was play with him at home and that helped a lot. And we also brought him to our games.

He had been going since he was a toddler, of course, but once he joined his own team we used our games to sit and talk with him about what was going on. We pointed out the things that he was so frustrated with were also things that even adults did. Uur conversations went a lot like this ...

Me: See that guy who just took the ball away from Daddy? Should daddy sit down and cry? Or should he try to get the ball back?

and also ...

Carlos: Mommy just totally missed the ball when she tried to kick it. Should she get mad and shove her teammate who did get to the ball or should she just try harder next time?

I know it sounds trite - but he really needed to see that we made the exact same mistakes. The difference was in how we reacted to them. And of course, he would willingly agree that we should keep trying. That made it easier for us, at his practices and games, to remind him that he KNEW the right thing to do and all he had to do was keep working on putting it into practice.

Once his body caught up with what his mind already knew, THAT was when the switch turned and he fell in love with the game.

Even as recently as a year ago, Logan loved practice so much more than the actual games since they still take turns in practice and it's not an all out war for the ball. But again, as his skills have improved and his body will actually do the things he WANTS it to do, his confidence is growing on the field and is even showing at his games now.

It's hard for us to watch them struggle. And there was a strong urge for us to just try him in another sport (we do have judo, of course which is his 'year round' sport), but in the end we're all so glad we encouraged him to stick with soccer.

I know it's not the sport for everyone but I can't help but hope you will see similar results as Carson grows and gains confidence. Biggrin I hope you ALL have fun with it!


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I really appreciate all your advice, GiGi. Thank you so much. I will definitely try out the conversation with him. I think that he just needs to know how the game works. It's a little beyond him at the moment, but I know that soon, he'll catch on. He's already staying inside the cones on the "field". I loved seeing that he's starting to understand some of it Smile

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These are so great, GiGi! I always love your action shots. The poster is wonderful, love the subtle image of Logan over the background. He really does look very tall in #2!!

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I was going to say that too--he has gotten SO tall!!!! I love the color & crisp-ness of #2--5. Nice work!

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Great work, GiGi! I always enjoy your sports shots. Next summer we'll start a couple sports with Ryken- probably soccer and t-ball, so I'm going to definitely need advice Wink

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Your football (soccer) pictures are great, I love how you capture the movement and still get nice sharp clear pictures.

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Always, always, adore your soccer shots!