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    So do lens ever stop being sharp for some reason? I don't think my 24-70 is as sharp as it should be. It isn't front or back focusing. I checked that but the focus doesn't seem as sharp as I would expect from that lens or as sharp as it used to be. Has anyone had this happen? For awhile I was thinking that my eye at seeing clarity got better or I was having an off-focus few days but now I have my suspicions.

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    What camera are you using? I can fine tune the focus for each lens on my D300. Try doing a few test shots on a really shallow depth of field (like take a picture of your keyboard from a really low angle on 2.8 - shoot to focus on one letter and see if you're getting a sharp focus on that letter or any of the surrounding letters)

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    Have you recently changed the picture style? I know if I put my picture style on Neutral or faithful, the camera does less sharpening, even in when you shoot raw.
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