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some CC please

Hi, I was wondering if you guys could please give me some feedback on these photos. They were shot in my bathroom (except for the last two). All shots were taken with the kids facing the window and there is a skylight above. All were taken on my 50mm.

f/3.5 1/500 ISO-800

f/2.8 1/200 ISO-800

f/3.5 1/400 ISO 800

f/2.8 1/200

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The photos with the bean bags is casting a green color on the baby and kid. I would get that out. The rest, I would try warming up the pictures they look really cool and skin tones are very pale and gray on the other pictures.

I like the composition on #8. Focus looks great on all the pictures.

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You've got some cute kids!! My favorite is #7. Love that smile, and those eyes are killer! I agree that your focus is great Smile I agree with El about the green cast, and about warming them up some.

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Thanks for the cc. I've been trying to remove the color cast, but I feel like every time I try, I get them looking almost yellow? Any advice, I'm really not good with that stuff? How do I warm the photos? My sons coloring looks about how it usually does in winter, but maybe my monitor is off? Im on the laptop sadly since the pc is broken.

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No CC to add to anyone else's, but they are really cute, and I love #7 too. That's great. #9 is pretty funny too, the way your little girl's one eye is crinkled up like she's not so sure about her big brother's kiss!

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I understand what you are trying to do here, but the background isn't working for me except in the ones where you can't tell they are in the bathtub if you know what I mean. My favorites are 6,7,&8. Your kids do have killer eyes! That's a big plus! Smile

As for getting rid of the green color cast, you will probably have to slide it to the magenta side some. You might also have to create a layer mask to get rid of the green. What do you shoot in and what program do you use to edit?

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Thanks for the feedback. I had time to try and improve the one. Is this less of a green color cast? Warm enough? I am so terrible at photoshop that sometimes I'd rather not even touch it Sad Any and all advice is much appreciated.
oh and to answer the question, these were shot in manual and I have cs4