some cuties from this weekend

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some cuties from this weekend

Lots of mini sessions on this weekend. Next lot due shortly but I thought I would share a few from so far...

I have had a lot of parents who wish they had heard of cake smashes before their babies turned one so I thought I could do something similar with 2 year olds which pretty much is the same thing except with a huge bowl of ice cream



Have not finished the after yet though.

And mini sessions

These guys were just so so in love with their baby they couldn't keep their eyes of her.

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And just a few more.

And the newest edition to our family, Baby Matilda Jean.

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Cazz those are absolutely wonderful pictures, you caught some great moments.
Hope you don't mind a little CC, I just think the white background in some could be a bit whiter.

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Oh my lord I love these. That little chunky monkey in the blue and white stripes sticking out his tounge.... I wanna grab him out through my monitor! Great shots!

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Wonderful! My favorite is the last one in the 1st set (and the first two in the second set!!). So precious. I agree about the white backgrounds---to me they all look different shades of not-quite-white and some look uneven.

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Amazing work! I love #1 and 2, and #5 is SUCH a sweet and tender moment!!

#7 (I think?) could use a bit of cloning on the background.

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These are too cute! The babies are adorable! I agree about the guy in the blue stipes- too cute! Smile I agree about your backgrounds though...they aren't even and the last one you shared...there's something going on in the background right above babies head. #7 needs a baseboard or something...

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So good! I, too, LOVE the little baby with the tongue sticking out!