Some Fun Effects

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Some Fun Effects

I took a picture I really liked of my niece during a Zombie walk this Halloween, for fun I decided to do some editing on it.

I started by turning the eyes yellow and darkening around them, this I feel I could have done better with the pupils but it was my first attempt at this sort of effect.

Then I took the colour out of most of the picture and did a colour pop. Leaving in the eyes and the blood on her face.

After all this I put a Lomo effect on the entire picture, love the added effect this did.

This is my final result.

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Cool! Now THAT'S a good use of selective color.

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agree with Amber - that's selective color that works!

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Gruesome! Great use of selective coloring!

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oh that is COOL! kinda scary, but COOL w/ a capital C! Smile


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very cool!

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I love this! Awesome!

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what did your niece think? Wink

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She thought it was pretty cool.