Some of Me and the Kids - Pic HEAVY

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Some of Me and the Kids - Pic HEAVY

I can't remember why we didn't do this on Mother's day...but a little while ago we finally got out so Rich could take photos of me and the boys. This is my favorite Mother's Day gift each year. Nathan was kinda a handful for these...but I'm still thrilled with what we got.

Just thought I'd share.

This one should be titled....Lesson in Swapping. I did a ton of swapping work on this shot. LOL

This is my favorite shot from the day. It's just so real and perfectly captured our little slice of life.

And a couple I took. There would be more of Nathan...but he was so over pictures!

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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your fave and the last one. PERFECT!

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Those are just stunningly beautiful! Wonderful pictures for you to cherish of you and your boys... and so nice to HAVE those, as it seems often that the person behind the camera never gets more than a snap of themselves. For some of us, that's how we prefer it, but years from now that would be a huge regret, not to have such gorgeous pictures like this with your children!

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LOVE these, Amber!

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Love the photos and your haircut! Your hair looks amazing like that!

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I saw these on your flickr and made comments on some of them. But I just wanted to say that these are so lovely. Your boys are so big now!!! And your little one's eyes are soo blue...

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Beautiful pictures thanks for sharing.

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Adorable and beautiful!