Some more from me...playing with PS (again)

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Some more from me...playing with PS (again)

So for awhile I've been thinking I want to make my point and shoot flash snapshots more interesting. So I thought, hey! Why not vintage? Smile So I googled a tutorial. I'm sure there are others out there but this is the first one I tried. I'll try others later on. I kinda like it. I mean, they are just snapshots. Nothing special. I really like it. Could use some work but it's just a vintage effect. Smile here's a of me...

my son, trying to put this toe sock on his hand. He thought it was a glove Lol

P&S snapshot by loidaeg, on Flickr

me in November. :rolleyes:

P&S snapshot by loidaeg, on Flickr

and while googling vintage effect tutorials for photoshop, I found this Lomo effect tutorial. I kinda read about it. Lomo photography (lomo cameras?). I'll need to read about it again. Sounded neat though! SO I tried this tutorial on a couple of pictures.

First a picture of the National Gallery. Here's the before:
Just a basic edit in ACR, then in PS I just slightly sharpened for web and saved.

National Theater 1 by loidaeg, on Flickr

And here's the after with the basic edit in ACR plus the lomo effect tutorial:

National Theater 2 by loidaeg, on Flickr

I really really love it! It's the look I've been so anxious to learn! I love photoshop! Biggrin

And here's one more. When my friend was here we walked by this bookstore. It just reminded me of the bookstore in Harry Potter....books everywhere! It looked neat Smile

Here is the before. Edited in ACR and then just sharpened for web and saved:

Bookstore by loidaeg, on Flickr

And after:

Bookstore... by loidaeg, on Flickr

sorry the crops might look different because I forgot to save a before picture Smile

Let me know what you all think!!! Thanks for looking! Smile


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I like your vintagey edits! I too want my snaps to be much more interesting!

As for your lomo effect- I LOVE it on the bookstore! GREAT shot! You need to contact the manager and see if they want that! I am not sure about it on the statue though....

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I really like the edits!! I'm such a Photoshop dummy! lol!

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I love vintage effects on pictures, thats the great thing with Digital photography you can give them the feel you want after taking them. I think you did a wonderful job.

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I use an action for lomo, I love playing with that. I feel like your theater one is a touch too contrasty with your edit. but I LOVE the edit on the bookstore!

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thanks! Smile I loooove contrasty images. I don't know why lol I'll have to pay attention to the contrast next time. I'll be making mine into an action as well.

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LOVE the vintage snaps. Those are some of my faves from when I was little! Definitely going to learn that! TFS Smile