Some of my work this month

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Some of my work this month

Its been a busy January...had a lot of calls for newborns...

Thought i would post a few for you guys!

This little girl was 3 months old, and just too cute for words!

This was my 6 week old...who slept like a charm, in fact, i could not get her to wake up! lol

A 10 day old, who REFUSED to sleep more than 10minutes lol Also, a challange b/c he was severly jaundice!

Vintage processing

Look at the cute toes sticking out lol

Thanks for looking!

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Wow! Each and every one of those are just amazing! TFS!! Espeically love the one in the rainbow hat and smiling.

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Beautiful! How are you lighting these?

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Thanks guys..

Lit with a giant soft box camera left, fill light right next to the camera on the right side of me with umbrella.

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Beautiful work! I LOVE the hats, especially the rainbow one. Makes me want to go buy a bunch of cool hats to photograph Eva wearing Smile

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Awesome as usual Sab! Love 3 and 4 is stunning!


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Amazing!!! Makes me want to have another baby! (Ok, not really, but close!) I LOVE the little toes sticking out in the last one! SO cute!

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These area amazing as always!
#2 & 4 are my favs!

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Thanks for making me smile! These are precious. I'll bet working with a jaundiced baby was really challenging. How were you able to correct the color?

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Amazing. I love how smooth the colors are. LOVE LOVE LOVE #4!!! So sweet.