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    Red face Some new ones up for CC

    I know it's the holidays, so everyone is stressed, but if you have a chance, please CC these. I am working on my last session and it's kicking my butt! There was ZERO light and I don't have a reflector- it's time to get one! This proved that I need something. I usually wear a white shirt to try to get something to reflect in their eyes, but I struggled big time. It was so cloudy, and well- nothing was right. Anyways, here's two from that session-

    1. f/2.8, ISO-100, 1/160
    DSC_1775 copy 2_web

    2. f/4.5, ISO-1000, 1/160

    Here's four from another session:

    3. f/3.2, ISO-1000, 1/125

    4. f/2.8, ISO-500, 1/640
    DSC_1746 copy-2_web

    5. I think this has too much of an edit. Worked with it in LR...
    f/2.8, ISO-500, 1/640
    DSC_1719-2 copy_web

    6. Hard to get them all to look. Randall was supposed to be assisting me, and well, he was more of a distraction! LOL!
    f/4.0, ISO-1000, 1/200
    DSC_1933 copy_web
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    I really like them all, Sadie! They're beautiful and I think the families will love them! I love some of the backlight and the beautiful colour and bokeh on them.

    #1 is my favourite in terms of the idea, but I wish the parents were more on the right, not quite so directly behind the kids.

    #2 is really cute and fun! I usually like off-center stuff, but it seems a touch too much so, for this type of pose. But I'm guessing that's an in-camera crop that way?

    #3 is very sweet. I love their expressions! I kind of wish he was touching her in some way, but I love it anyway.

    On #4, I might rotate it a bit, it seems a little crooked, like he's about to slide off the suitcase. Such a 100% adorable little boy expression, with him holding his head like that! A really fantastic moment, probably my favourite of the sets.

    #5 seems just a tad off in colour? Not quite sure. Maybe needs a touch of red and yellow?

    #6, yeah, too bad Randall distracted the baby. But very sweet! I'm guessing the boy moved too? If he'd been a bit more between mom and dad, that'd have been awesome, but it's a great capture and I love the grasses they're in combined with the green in the background. Something of the angle that the browns merge into the greens is very pleasing.

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