some photoshop help and ideas please :) - UPDATE post #5

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some photoshop help and ideas please :) - UPDATE post #5

I think it might finally be time for me to start pbing! I'm nervous and excited about the prospect but want to grow and meet my goal/resolution for the year...which would be to book 2 "clients" a month by the end of the year!

So to start, I want to revamp my image/logo and get a website and blog going for people to come to and see my growth. My original watermark is below in my signature but I think that it doesn't "say" the right thing about my work. It is fancy and foo-foo (lol) but I really am working and growing towards being more contemporary. Here is what I came up with....what do you think?


Now, if this is the logo that I would choose to go with, I would love to use it as my watermark with the colors. The only problem is, I can't figure out for the life of me how to make a brush with colors or use the pattern tool! If anyone has an idea how to do this and can take a moment to share, I would much appreciate it!! Smile I've searched google for hours on end and just can't find anything!

Thanks so much everyone!!

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I love it! I'll be watching this thread, because that's what I've been meaning to do for a LONG time!

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You can't use it as a brush, you have to save it as a tiff...or something....with a transpant background. I sort of know how to do it, but sadly don't have time right now to say more than.

It's not a have to make a seperate file and then copy and paste that image to each picture you want to watermark. Most people make an action that does all that for them.

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Posts: 132 that makes sense! I knew that brushes were only gray-tones, but wasn't sure if the pattern brush would work...

But - I can save as a tiff or gif with a transparent background and paste into my photos! DUH! I had it saved as a jpg and when I pasted it brought the white in with I tried the background eraser tool, but that took forever! I'll give this a shot and see how it goes! Thanks Amber!!! I needed that memory jog! Smile

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Thanks again Amber for the brain jog! Your suggestion worked perfectly....

But I just don't know if I like it in color! lol I see others in color and love it, but I just don't know if it works for me. Here are some examples. But before I post that, I'll give a quick run-down of what I did for anyone that wants to give it a go.

Open a new document in PS. Make sure you change the background to transparent and choose a size (I used 800x500 px). Then, create your logo. Finally, save as a TIFF. Remember to preserve transparency and remove layers and save as a copy when the options window pops up during the save. To apply to a photo, open your photo that you want to include the watermark on. Switch windows back to your watermark and ctrl-A or cmd-A (mac) to select all. The ctrl-C or cmd-C to copy your watermark. Switch back to your image and create a new layer. Then ctrl-V or cmd-V to paste your watermark on your photo. To adjust size, use ctrl-T to transform the size. Remember to hold down the shift key while adjusting to maintain ratio. Use your arrow tool to move your watermark into place. TA-DA!! Hope that helps someone looking to do the same thing I was!

New logo with color:

New logo as a brush:

Old logo as a brush:

Which one would you choose??

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I love colored watermarks too. I think it looks good. Have you tried it out on other photos? You can always just use it in color sometimes? Good luck with PBing!

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I like colour too but I'd keep both just incase it takes away from a more colour picture

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My vote is for the color one.

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color, but I agree, keep both just in case!

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I agree with the above. LOVE the font!


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I actually have a psd file called "watermark" that I open when I'm editing - then I just drag my watermark layers (there are two) over to the image I'm marking and then resize the watermark so it fits. one of these days I'll learn how to create an action to watermark for me. Wink

good luck PBing!