Some pictures to share

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Some pictures to share

Im still fairly new to this but ive been doing alot of practicing and really really enjoying it.

Here are some pictures id like to share

indpendence Min

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Cute kiddos! I like the last pic of the mountains! I also love the pic of the purple flower! I struggle with flower pics!!!

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the last one is my favorite! awesome job Biggrin

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neat shots! I love the old buildings, wish I had more here to capture.

you should play with the color saturation on the first one, bet you could make it look even cooler. Smile

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nice pictures Smile you are doing good! keep up the practice Smile something that i haven't been doing lately.. Blum 3

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Those mountains are gorgeous! I was thinking the same thing too as Gwen...especially the flower pic. Awesome shots Smile

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