some practice shots from today...wintry outdoors

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some practice shots from today...wintry outdoors

Here are some shots I took this afternoon for practice...any cc on how these might be improved, is welcome...I hope you like them. We had fun, anyway Smile

I'll include the settings (ISO for all was 400) but I did adjust most of these in PSP also.

1. SS 1/332, Ap F/5

2. SS 1/256, Ap F/4.6

3. SS 1/197, Ap F/5.7

4. SS 1/197, Ap F/5

5. SS 1/197, Ap F/4.6

6. SS 1/197, Ap F/5.7

7. SS 1/197, Ap F/5.7

8. SS 1/197, Ap F/3.5

9. SS 1/197, Ap F/3.5

10. SS 1/197, Ap F/4.6

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I would have to say my fav is the last one. The coloring looks great on that one. So does the focus. Some look a bit cool to me (probably just me though) but you are doing great! She is a doll!

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Very cute! I love kids in glasses! Smile I like #3 the best. It could use a little brightening though.

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Love them! #10 is my fav of the group. Some of the glare on her glasses is bothersome because you can't see her one or othe other of her eyes, but I don't know how to help you there.

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You can reduce the glare on the glasses by selecting the area with glare with the magic wand and then creating a levels layer and lowering the middle slider just slightly. You will see that you can't do it a ton or it will look silly and it doesn't work miracles but it does bring back a little clarity.

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very cute!!! I saw these this morning, but thought the color was off. so I recalibrated, and they look much better. Lol I hope I can remember Steph's tip about the glasses, that's good to know. I like the 3rd one best. Smile she has some great expressions!

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Love the tongue! And the pic with the hood off makes her look so grown up!

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Thank you all so much!!! I am learning so much. On a couple of my shots (#2 and #6) I tried editing out some of the glasses reflections which worked to some extent, although I had to pretty much re-create her eye on one of them lol. But I will definitely try out the levels fix on it--if I can convert the instructions to PSP (which does have levels tools). Thanks for the tip Steph! I knew you'd appreciate the glasses Biggrin

Is the color too strong in #8? Is the comp ok?

I'll also try brightening #3 and I think #9 might need some more contrast/brightening too...?

I took a few more today and the sun was partially out for some of them this time, which was nice....