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Some recent for CC

I had a get together with some of the ILP folks. Wanted to get some CCs on some pictures.

ISO 300-500, f2.8-3.5, SS 1/160 (mostly), 85 mm lens
#1 -

#2 -

#3 -

Here is one of my oldest - he wasn't too happy...

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I'm at work and un-calibrated but I am seeing green. and they are a little dark.

Otherwise beautiful shots Biggrin

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I agree with Cazz on the green...#1 more than the others though. (and I'm uncalibrated and don't really know what I'm talking about!)

I think two is really nice, and of course your little guy is always cute. Not crazy about the crop, but not sure where else to crop...?

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Oh, El! I love these! She's a beautiful girl and you really did a lot to bring it out here.

#1. This one looks a little under exposed, but I love the composition. The leading line of the bench leads you beautifully through the frame. And using the tree branch to frame her head works to perfection. Maybe just a touch more fill to make this a complete success.

#2. this may be my favorite of the set. Great light in her eyes, and she looks perfectly exposed here at home. Great bokeh. The bright spot to her left (our right) is a little distracting, but with a bit of a burn at low opacity, I think it could tone it down perfectly.

#3. Love the even lighting here and her eyes look amazing. She's a bit centered for my tastes, but I still love this shot. Great bokeh again.

And happy or not, Brandon is just beyond cute. He's really growing and changing a lot right now. I'm so glad you included a new photo of him. I love those chocolate eyes!



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Such a pretty girl! #2 is my favorite! I do agree that they look a tad dark, but I love the comp in all of them.

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Great job El!

#1 - I, too, like the comp. I think she could have used a little more light in her eyes though. I'm not that great at colors, but I'm seeing some green as well.

#2 - LOVE this one! Love the pose, the smile, the comp Smile

#3 - This one is very nice too! She looks so relaxed.

That is the exact same look I get from Carson when the camera comes out. Gotta love this age, huh? Wink

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I can't add anything to the CC, but I really love #2. It is such a relaxed, genuine, comfortable expression and pose.

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I too see a tad bit green, but I could also be seeing things.

I personally think these are great. Her expression and pose is so relaxed. Love the way you caught her! Great job!

You little big man is soooo stinking adorable!

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I agree! Overall these are beautiful and I really like them. #1 is the most "green" and dark. #2 is my favorite.

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Thanks everyone! Hmmm... not seeing the green in #1 - maybe its time to re-calibrate.