Some recent pics

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Some recent pics

This was with a friend of mine from a playgroup when dd was a baby. Her daughter was great but her ds was in such a cranky mood, which I totally understand. I have a one year old too but it made taking his pic hard! Here are a few that I did get.

For some reason flickr really makes the color on this grayish. It doesn't look that way in ps. Any ideas?

My attempt at backlighting.





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what a pretty little girl! the first one doesn't look grayish to me. the balloons are super colorful. the second one is so sweet. I wish there wasn't so much space in the top of the photo though, I'm not sure it's doing anything for it. the trees in the third would have been good in the symmetry challenge Lol I'm not sure how I feel about the conversion in the 4th - the water just seems really bright and I feel like the colors either need more chocolate or no chocolate at all. wishing for eye contact in the 5th. and look at that kid's mood in the last one! maybe that should be on the 365 thread this week. Wink (I haven't touched this week's theme, and the week is almost over!)

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Awe she is so cute in that second one

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These are really lovely. Don't have time for proper CC, but for the most part these are just really great. I love the first on...doesn't look grey to me, but I know how Flirkr can mess up your colors.

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1) doesn't look greyish to me either. The balloons look great!
4) Love the idea, but there's just something about it, that I'm not sure about, but what do I know!

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Love the colors in #1 as well. WOnder why it looks greyish to you on flickr? #2 is probably my fave here. and the last one of the baby boy cracks me up. We have all been there with our kids! Lol