Some recent work CC welcome

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Some recent work CC welcome

Sorry i've been MIA heres some recent stuff i've done, I hope to be around more now, that things have settled down a bit.








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Love these! My fav is the one with the mums elbow propped on the guy. Too cute.

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Love the faces and how smooth and glowing their skin is


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Beautiful! Smile

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Those are great! The newborns skin is so perfect! Great job! Smile

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These are AWESOME! I love that soft yellow dress she chose ... it really makes the pictures seem so soft. LOVE LOVE LOVE #1 & #5, and of course, the baby pictures. What a cutie! You did a great job on these and I'll bet mom and dad just ADORE them!


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Gorgeous! I love the angles you chose for the maternity shoot. And the one of him kissing her tummy and her kissing his head, that's so sweet. I'm not calibrated, but 1 looks a taaaaaaad cool to me compared to the rest.

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:DWhat amazing shots! The mom is glowing and the yellow dress with the greens are GREAT! LOVE #1&4! The baby pics are perfect!

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Andrea, these are beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Only cc I have is for #5, I really like the shot, but I feel like they are leaning down towards the they are on a hill or somthing. #4 is my favorite. So cute and fun!

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looks like a fun couple, super cute and love the baby shots

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These are gorgeous!! So beautiful and you really captured emotion & personality here... great job!

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you've been holding out on us. Smile these are very nice! the 4th one just cracks me up. and the 5th one is just gorgeous.

love the baby, so sweet!