Some snowmobile racing pics

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Some snowmobile racing pics

Thank you gals for the warm welcome here - and for asking to see some of my old snowmobile racing shots. These were all taken in 2005/6 - that's the season that I switched to digital. Prior too, everything was shot on slide film. (Some sports guys are still doing slide, if you can believe that.)

I was pregnant when I shot these ... was even more daring before!

If anyone wants settings, I can find them. And you can offer CC, but I'm not sure that I'll ever work in motorsports again ... it's really taken an economic hit.

Thanks for looking!

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Heather these are really great! The comps, the colours, very nice. You have an eye for it!

Now lets see some of your girls! Wink

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Great action shots!!!

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These are great! Thanks for sharing!