some soccer shots

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some soccer shots

Bear with me. This is going to be fairly long. Wink

Logan's game on Saturday was flippin' COLD! And this is Texas, by jove! At game time (10:30am), the temp was 43F with a wind chill of 35F. The wind was the killer part. We had gusts of 40+ miles per hour. I was amazed that they didn't call off the games - at least the early morning ones and maybe for the little kids, but they didn't.

It kinda worked to my advantage though. So often, my soccer shots are cluttered with the game on the field next to us and their spectators. But most of the fields were empty when we got there and only a handful of folks braved the cold to watch. So I guess that's the silver lining. Biggrin

I got so many shots that I love this week and I just couldn't wait to share them with you guys:

All shots were taken at 200mm with my 18mm-200mm lens. Iso = 100 and aperture = f/5.6



ss=1/500, this is Logan celebrating his goal!

But my absolute favorite of the day (and maybe my favorite soccer shot ever) is this one:

ss= 1/640

Logan and Carlos both love it as well. Carlos asked for this to be the prime shot for a new soccer poster for his office. So Logan sat down with me and we looked at some soccer posters and wallpapers of his favorite soccer players for inspiration. Eventually, Logan picked this one of a midfielder for Barcelona/Spain named David Villa:

and here is my take on it with Logan's photo:

Logan loves it and so do Carlos and I! We'll be getting some nice big prints to hang in our offices and in Logan's room too. Biggrin

Anyway ... like I said, I just had so many great shots, I just couldn't wait to share them wit you guys.


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Awesome shots! And love the poster! Great job!

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Great shots, GiGi, and WOW on that poster! Looks fantastic!!

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I am in complete awe of that poster! You did an amazing job! So glad to see more shots of him playing soccer!

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I love that poster! Fantastic work Smile

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omg! Best shot ever! Gigi I LOVE this shot and your editing is amazing! I would love to know how you edited this picture if you ever get time. I was locked out of for a few days but when i seen this i thought okay i need to figure this out so i can comment! great job!!!!!

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I've missed seeing your soccer shots Gigi. And that poster! I love it. It absolutely rocks

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I love that #3 picture, the celebration! Is that when he scored a goal? I know you said he scored a goal which eventually won the game!!! How exciting!

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Your action shots often turn out really clear, these are wonderful. Great edits.

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Thanks guys! Printed this in a 16 x 20 size for Carlos' office. Logan helped me to fame it and hang it. He was SO PROUD! We have at least 1 poster from each year that Logan has been playing since he turned 5 (he's 11 now) hanging up in Carlos' office. It is so fun to see how much he has changed in the sport over that time. Smile

Again, thank you all for your kind words. It was only the 2nd game of the season, hopefully there will be many more opportunities for some great shots this season.


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Despite the cold, looks like he had a lot of fun! Smile Love the poster! I bet Logan does too!

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Great work on the poster!!