Some very gorgeous girls.

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Some very gorgeous girls.

Had a boudoir portrait day at my studio today. It's midnight and I can't stop editing lol

Just a few... Think I might have a knack for this.

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I've always been intrigued by boudoir, but I think I'd be too embarrassed Smile

I really like the last one

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I am glad you are having fun with this! Are you sharing or asking for CC? I like the last one best too...

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Just a share but I welcome CC any time. I am usually just too lazy to post settings.

After looking at them, a couple seem on the dark side now, they look brighter when I open the file on the conputer, maybe flickr has done something.


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I like #1 and #5.

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I really don't think I'd have the courage to do those types of shots, you did a wonderful job.