Something else you may/may not have heard about...(OT)

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Something else you may/may not have heard about...(OT)

This past month, we went in for Matty's 1 year follow up with his cardiologist.

Back story quick, of my 3 kids, 2 were born with heart defects. Hailey had surgery at 2 mo. to correct hers and now we just go every 2 years to make sure she's okay.

Matty was born with a moderate VSD, an ASD and a PFO. By 2 mo. the VSD got bigger, but the ASD had closed. By Jan. of this year, the VSD had returned to it's origional size, but was still pretty big. The hole was big enough that Matt would never be able to play competitive sports or work really, really hard. He would be able to leasurely play sports, but none of the hard Texas football kind of stuff.

Well, anyways, back to the followup. So we went in and Matt was a total trooper getting his blood pressure and his EKG done. Then we went in to get his echocardiogram. I was really nervous cause he had to be still and get held down. He fussed a bit, but after 20 minutes we were done.

We waited to hear fromt he doctor. She came in and gave us the news: His hole had completely closed on its own. All done! Heis 100% a normal kid now. Kevin and I were over the moon happy! As of this moment, none of our kids have heart defects. Smile

So yeah, I am a happy camper. Wanted to share cause I used some of the pics on the weekly challenge and wanted to share with everyone else.

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That just made me all teary eyed!!!! I'm so glad he's ok!

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What wonderful news! And great pics too - LOVE the eye contact in the 2nd one and you can truly feel the emotion of the situation in the first. There's just nothing like Daddy's hand to calm, ya know. Smile Great conversions too.


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That's WONDERFUL! I'm so happy that Matty will be able to live life as a normal little boy. I expect to see lots of running pics in the future.

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Kelly, I am so happy for you!!! That is the best news ever! I'm sure that is a huge relief for everyone in your family.

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that is awesome!!!!!!

Andrew was born with two holes - one closed but the other didn't. he'll be 8 this fall, and has to see his cardiologist once a year to get it checked out. thankfully it's small enough not to really affect him at all.

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That's great news! Ella has Atrial Valve Stenosis...we go in Sept for her first "sedated" echo...she wouldn't sit still for her last one.

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YAY Matty!! amazing news!! i am so glad all is well!
i LOVE LOVE the second photo! beautiful eyes!

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That is awesome, Kelly! I love the pics!

You might find this interesting. One of my best IRL friends (the same one who made the cake in the picture) was one of the first children to undergo the surgery to close a hole in her heart in 1980. They didn't discover it until she was 6 and weighed less than 30 lbs because imaging wasn't a standard thing back then. So at 6, she she was the youngest person to go through the surgery at the time. It isn't a rare surgery now but it was back then and didn't quite have the success rate it does now. She has had no problems ever since. She carried both her children to term with no issue (though her pregnancies were both extensively documented), and she is running in a half marathon in September.

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woohoo awesome news Smile

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Yay for great news!

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Glad that Matty is going to be fine with no surgery!! My two babies have had heart issues, but have grown out of them thank the lord! What a relief for you!