Sorry I've Been MIA

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Sorry I've Been MIA

So, the title says it all. I haven't felt like participating because I haven't picked up my camera in ages. That thing just sits. But this weekend I finally picked it up and started playing around again. I've REALLY got to get back in the swing of things. A friend just asked if I'd second shoot a wedding at the Duke Chapel in September. Now I've REALLY got to get my crap together and practice. I have to admit, I'm pretty darn excited she asked. While I've never wanted to shoot a wedding, I'm really excited about being a second.

A memosa blossom...I hate there was so much grain to this photo Sad Could have been really pretty.

And of course Tyler. I was going to get photos of Rylee, but my best friend suprised me by driving from the Outer Banks to take me out to dinner for my birthday last night Smile Tyler was 9 weeks old yesterday!
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To be honest, I don't mind the grain. The colors are my main attraction and I didn't notice until I read your post.

Look at your sweet GROWING baby boy! He is so cute! CONGRATS on getting asked to shoot as a second! You will ROCK IT!

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I don't mind the grain either, I think it's a beautiful photo! Your little guy is CUTE! Love those baby blues.

Congrats on being asked to photograph a wedding as 2nd photog! How exciting!

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Ooh, that first photo look "electric" - I like it!

Duke Chapel/gardens are so lovely (whispers this Wolfpacker Wink ) ... can't wait to see your pictures. I bet you will catch back up on all your skills in no time!

Your little man is a sweetheart. Smile

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I too love the flower photo just as it is. Wow is Tyler cute!!!!

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The flower photo is awesome, love it!

Your little one is so sweet - really beautiful! Hope that at nine weeks you're getting a little more rest!

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Glad that you popped in! I'm sure that Tyler and Rylee are keeping you incredibly busy. Good luck with the wedding! How exciting!

I didn't notice the grain either Smile And Tyler is just the cutest thing!