Speaking of tricks - my silly son

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Speaking of tricks - my silly son

Speaking of tricks to get your kids to look at the camera, I saw some great light in my kitchen this morning and pulled out my camera. However, my DS, being the boy he is, will look anywhere except in the camera lens. So, to get him to look, I told him I saw a bug crawling on the lens and could he please check it out for me? This is the expression I got:

ISO 1600; SS 1/100; f/5.6

Then, after he realized I was messing with him, I FINALLY got a keeper:

ISO 1600; SS 1/100; f/5.6

And, one of my DD too:

ISO 1600; SS 1/125; f/5.6

ETA - Obviously, I'm still seriously struggling with my WB. For some reason, I'm totally freaked out about shooting in RAW. I feel like I don't know PS well enough to do that. *sigh*

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Oh, that face is PRICELESS!! Love it!

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That face is GREAT! Hahaha
Cute kids!

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ADORABLE faces! Seriously, boys are sooooo much harder to do photos of.

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Love the looks you got from your son, they are both priceless, love the trick you did to get him to look at the camera.

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Krista that's so funny!! I love the expression Caleb made. I tried that trick with Fiona this weekend and she got up right next to my lens and said "BUT I DON'T SEE THE BUG!!!" haha and then wouldn't move away from me.

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LOL! The things we do to get an honest smile!

For a while, I could get my boy to tell me a silly story and he'd laugh so hard at himself that I got some great looks. Unfortunately, that ship has sailed and doesn't look to return any time soon. What's a mom to do?

TFS, these made ME smile!


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LOL! I didn't think of using that trick heheh

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That first face is fantastic ROFL

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that's a riot!!!

yeah, WB is definitely off in both of your keepers. don't be afraid of RAW. shoot RAW+jpeg until you get the hang of it, but you'll find that finding the right WB in ACR is really easy with only a little bit of practice. Smile

I opened your jpg in ACR and just did a quick WB adjustment (no other edits). it's not perfect (hard to work with the lower resolution), but it's probably closer to reality. it's private in flickr, so I can take it down if you want.


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I agree with Gwen. Don't be afraid of RAW Smile Shoot RAW+Jpeg in the mean time and play around with photos in ACR every now and then. You got nothing to lose! Wink