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I messaged a friend from home (I live in NC but "home" is northern NY) asking her if she had any recommendations about a speedlight. I knew she had a Nikon DSLR, and wanted to get her input. I am thinking about getting the SB600 or 700...she has the SB600 and doesn't use it regularly and insisted on sending it to me so I can test drive it before I buy it! How cool is that!? I am super excited! Just had to share! Smile

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ENJOY it! I just got mine and I can already tell a difference, even though I have NO clue what I am doing!

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HAVE FUN!!! I have the sb-600 as well and I do love it (though I am a clutz at using it).


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Awesome! I so want one! The other day I put a piece of white paper in front of the flash to help "bounce" and what a difference it made! Really made me realize that I need one.

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That's awesome that you get to take it for a test drive! Sounds like a good friend!

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Awesome friend! I have an SB-600 and have just recently figured out how to use it. Great fun Biggrin

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that's awesome! what a terrific friend!