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DH bought me a Speedlite for an early birthday present! I'm so excited. I can use it on our current Canon P&S for now, and of course when we get our DSLR, I will have it for that.

So I'm wondering if anyone can give me any Speedlite tips or good web pages to read up on how to use it well. I've just played a little and am already excited by its potential, but can see I have a bit of a learning curve, too.

TIA for any help! Sorry again that I've just been lurking lately, been a lot going on here.

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CONGRATS Tracy! How exciting! I don't have any advice b/c I am still learning on mine, but I think the best advice is practice. Smile

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Awesome! I don't know very much about them, even though I have one. I'll bounce it off the wall or ceiling to get rid of that shadow you get when shooting straight on. I'll also drag my shutter to about 1/60, and I don't usually get motion blur. That is, unless something moves real fast as I'm snapping the picture. Good luck with learning it! I know it really helps me out in the dark house.

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I have no advice as I don't have one. I am super jealous though. What a lovely, thoughtful gift from your DH

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WOO HOO! Enjoy the new toy!


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Congrats on getting the speedlite, I have no advice haven't used one before.

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Yay! I hope you enjoy it. I went out on a limb when I bought mine, assuming I would hate it, and now I can't imagine going back... I LOVE it. I've been using mine for almost a year now and I still have SO much to learn, hahaha. I bought a book about it, but still haven't had much time to go through it and learn the manual controls on it. The advice I've found most helpful is to only make small adjustments at a time, because a slight change in settings can have a pretty strong impact on the outcome (way over-exposing is what I always ended up with if I tried to adjust too much at one time). I use it indoors exclusively... If I'm outside, I just use natural light. I bounce it off the wall or ceiling behind me and it gives a nice diffuse look. Can't wait to see some pictures from you and the speedlite!

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Thanks, everyone! Mary, the book sounds interesting, I should check that out!