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Speedlite Question

Can I ask all your opinions on speedlites? I have a Canon 60D. I really want a speedlite to try and increase / improve photographic opportunities. There is no way I can afford a decent canon speedlite at the moment or any time in the near future though. I've been saving for a couple of years and each time I get close there is another unexpected expense that needs to be dealt with.

So, would you continue to save and potentially not get the speedlite for another 2-3 years or would you buy a cheap / non-branded speedlite now and try and save to upgrade for the better model down the line?

I can afford a Nissin Di622 or a Di866 now or one of the Yongnuo YN models. What would you do? What would you choose? Part of me says buy the cheap one so I can see how I like the speedlite and wait till I have saved and am competent to buy a better model. Another part of me says I should wait as the non-branded ones may be so inferior as to only frustrate me.

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I am a little confused, I briefly checked Amazon and both Canon and Nissins are in the $100-250 range depending on which model of each brand you choose...?

Personally I would save for a Canon one.

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Amy, we can't get technical equipment from amazon here (International). Choice is ebay, grey market or retail. The prices here were $140 for Di1622, $240 for Di866, high $300-$400 for 430EX II and $500+ for 580EX II. Excluding any cheaper, second hand canons that might come up on ebay - I am always keeping an eye out Smile

ETA: I was told by a sales assistant recently not to bother going lower than the 430EX in canon speedlites. If I was misinformed please feel free to correct me Smile

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I don't have any experience with the others you mentioned, and I don't know anything about them at all. I have the 430 EXII and have been happy with it for what I use it for, which is indoor snapshots and for a little extra oomph with my natural light if needed. I've never used it for OCF stuff.

If that's what you're wanting to use it for, then maybe compare that one with the ones that you're looking at. I would imagine that if it compares, that it would be just as good as getting the name brand.

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Too bad DPReview.com doesn't review accessories like this.

I really don't know. If I found some reviews that suggested that the other brands would do an OK job, I'd probably go for it. Having said that, DH has really taught me to do your homework on that kind of stuff, and wait for what you want (part of the reason I had to wait so long for a Canon 60D instead of just getting the cheapest T2i or something that we could find)! He found a really awesome sale on the 430 EX a while back, so that's what we have. Maybe if you really keep your eyes peeled for deals, you could afford one. I'm pretty impressed with the 430 EX. I used it this week again for MIL's birthday party and it was amazing how you could barely tell a flash was used - only if you were looking for the tiny, telltale signs, could you see it.

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I don't have much advice, but I know mine for my Nikon D90 wasn't more than $250.

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Thanks ladies. I ended up buying one unexpectantly this week. It is the superceded 430ex (not 430exII) but it is a canon and it was in my price range. It should be here by Friday and I am so excited to try it out