spider! 2 for CC please

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spider! 2 for CC please

I am thinking this is a crab spider? Never seen one around here before. He was chillin' on my screen door. CC please! I played with both in PS, cropped both of them and brightened #2

ap 4, SS 1/125, iso 200, shot with 100mm macro

So I'm still learning about aperture...if I had gone up to like 5, would the whole spider have been in focus? It seems to me that I tend to keep my ap too open most of the time.
ap 2.8, SS 1/320, iso 200, shot with 100mm macro

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Ewww he is sooooo creepy!!! What is it with everyone on here posting giant-sized pics of spiders?!?! Wink

The second one looks great! Love the colors in that one!!