Spider identification needed

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Spider identification needed

Hey guys! Check out what's parked right outside my front window. Someone please tell me this is not a dangerous spider. I hate the things and have an abnormal fear of them. This isn't going to kill my neighbor's dog, right?

(sorry - this is the best I could do. I had to actually get close to it. I was sweating the whole time)

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Yay!! lol nope not dangerous, it's a Banded Argiope, a type of orbweaver similar to the black-and-yellow argiope/garden spider. Good to have around for catching gnats, skeeters, etc. Smile I just posted a new B&Y Argiope pic on my FB photography page, and ID'd a beautiful Orchard Orbweaver for Gwen this a.m.! It's a spidery day for sure! Smile

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When I read the title of this thread, I just knew it would be an argiope! They're active right now and tend to startle people who haven't seen them before. I'm hoping to get shots of one at my son's babysitter's house tomorrow. The bad thing is that it's right next to the wall of her house, and the spider is turned so that the pretty side is toward the house.