spider! (you've been warned)

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spider! (you've been warned)

Okay, if I'm going to be getting more involved with this board, I need to warn y'all that I have a habit of taking LOTS of bug pictures, mainly because my son loves them, so they're a part of my life whether I want them to be or not! Wink And...spiders can be beautiful. This is a green lynx, she is a good spider because she kills and eats wasps, bees, hornets, etc. I found her in my lavender. CC please!

1. SS-1/500 ap-2.8 ISO-200 (all taken with my 100 mm)

2. SS-1/640 ap-2.8 ISO-200

3. SS-1/2000 ap-2.8 ISO-200

On a side note, that little spiky ball thing on photo #3 is her egg sac and she was dragging all over the place with her, and if I got too close to it she would throw her legs up at me! Sorry I'm getting all nat geo on you guys, but it was cool!

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That is an awesome looking spider!! Great photos of her!

#2 is my favorite. I love that you can see her face so well, and all the spikes coming from her legs.

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wow creepy! but very nice Smile love how you can see such detail! thanks for sharing!

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Cool!! I like spiders... from a distance, lol! That egg sac is HUGE.

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Ugh...I don't like spiders, but I still had to open. This spider is very interesting! Love #2! Well done!

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I LOVE that spider! I am SOOOOOOO into macro insect photography and I have a modest collection of spider photos. One of my favorites is a white lynx spider that was in my garden in 2009. I didn't find one in 2010, not sure why.

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Wow, that's a beautiful spider! I am in awe of your focus. I took a pic of a dragonfly, and the focus fell on its back instead of its eyes (d'oh!). And forget about trying to do a ladybug Lol

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Awesome! I do not like spiders, but I can certainly appreciate a good picture! She's a pretty cool looking spider! Great job Smile

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Ick to spider and DOUBLE ICK to BIG egg sack!!!

Ickiness aside, great photos. Love the fact you can see those little hairs on her legs and the colors are really neat.

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Not a spider enthusiast here either but I had to open as well. Wow! What great shots and I guess the spider isn't that bad since it's not in my house. The detail is so sharp.

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I'm not a spider fan either - actually, they really freak me out. Still had to open. Love the detail in #2

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I hate spiders too, but of course I had to open Smile ...don't know WHAT I'll do when E starts playing with insects and such things! But these are really neat, Kaci!

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Thanks ladies! Smile
I just got a boost in confidence, I think I'll go flip over some stones and see if I can't find some more subject matter! Wink

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okay, those are very cool ... but creepy at the same time. Lol Great job capturing that mama spider!