squeezing right in

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squeezing right in

out of lurkdom-ville if you let me haha
I have joined before but had trouble with my login when the site changed... seems to work now though so yay Biggrin
my name is Sophie and i am a P&s'er (not by choice), hopefully soon i will be able to get a dslr, but really who knows??
I have a 2 1/2 year old little boy, his name is Josh
I like vintage-y yummy pastels a lot but do my share of clean edits also
just a couple of shares
P7260191 - Copy

And just a storyboard

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You did those with a P&S? WOW! Those are GREAT! And what a stinkin cutie he is! Would love to see more from you.

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Welcome! Yay for new people! I too really love the pastel vintagey type of look (seems to be pretty big right now) though I am terrible at doing it myself LOL. Mine always mess up the colors so bad it doesn't look vintage, just crazy. So maybe you can help with that!
Nice pics from a P & S! What editing software are you using? The last pic looks too magenta to me, but holy crackers, how can a p&s produce such an amazing bokah?

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Welcome! Great photos! Which camera do you have? My first digital camera was a Fuji S5100 (non-SLR) but it did a lot of things that an SLR can do, and I still often use it for my macros, because yes they CAN give great bokeh! Smile

I really like your hoverfly photo, although I see some purple fringing on the flower, mostly hidden though since the flower is almost purple too Smile

I love your son's eyes in the first photo. Did you enhance them in pp? did you soften his face?

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Wow! The manufacturer of your camera should use your photos for its advertisements! I just love the vivid colors and the beautiful catchlights in Josh's eyes. Can't wait to see more.

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WELCOME ABOARD! P&S or dSLR matters not, as you have so perfectly demonstrated here!

Glad to have you and hope we get to see a lot more!


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I think these are amazing! Looks at his eyes! And, since I have a little boy the same age-ish, I must say I'm impressed by how nicely he posed for you.

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thank you all so much for the warm welcome I have an olympus sp565uz, i guess i could say it is a VERY nice non-dslr/p&s that allows me to use all manual settings... that IMO is what made the biggest difference in my results... it CAN give a great bokeh when used correctly, like Amy mentioned Biggrin

my son is... errrrrr... not the best model LOL hes very hyper and usually the shots I get are what i call lucky shots LOL where i keep shooting until he looks at me, which doesnt always happen, but at this age whatcha gonna do right?? i used to be able to bribe him with fruit snacks but that no longer works, so now i always take foam letters and ask him what letter im holding, he seems to enjoy that for now( B, C, D, T give the best 'smiles' i have learned)

thank you all so much for the compliments, they really mean a lot

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oh and i am using CS4

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Welcome!! Beautiful photos, can't wait to see more. PS: LOVE the vintage pastels too!!

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welcome!!!! glad you are jumping right in. looks like you really know how you use your camera. Wink I'm loving your shares here, your son is adorable!