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    I see by the pic in your siggy that you got your mini sofa! I looove the photo! I can't wait to see more that you do with the new prop!

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    The couch story is crazy, let me tell you. I bought it from overstock and it was delivered by FedEx. I immediately opened the box and found it was broken it 4 spots!!! Both curves of the couch were busted. I was so disappointed as I really wanted this little couch and it is always sold out on overstock. I emailed them and told them it was broken. They said they would send a carrier out to inspect it and if the carrier didn't show up within 10 days, to kindly dispose of it. And that they didn't have anymore in stock so they would issue me a refund. A few days later I get an email that says my return was accepted (?). Immediately after that email, another came through saying my refund was processed. I checked my Paypal and yep, I got my money back.

    I'd love to see if it can be fixed somehow. My dad is good with woodwork. I'm sure some wood glue and a little touchup and it'll be okay. My girls posed on it, but I told them not to lean back on it. I won't be using it for clients until it is fixed. But I just LOOOOOOVE it. I can't wait for a newborn on it or Holiday portraits!

    Thanks, I love the siggy pic too. My Brooke was dressed up as Snow White and she just says hey momma, is this pose cute? how about this pose? lol

    Here's the couch.

    Brooke pointing to a crack and another crack a few inches to the right.

    The other side was cracked too.

    Excuse the wrinkles, I did not take the time to edit this properly.


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    Oh my gosh, what a nightmare! Ugh.. I'd be so upset, too! But hey.. the refund making it free is awesome! I hope your dad is able to fix it up so you can keep using it. I love the pics, too. Your girls are such great little models.

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