stock commissions, woot!

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stock commissions, woot!

As some of you know I finally caved and tried out submitting a set of my nature photographs to a stock photography site for the 1st time, sometime late last year I think it was. 13 out of 14 were accepted to the site. Well tonight to my very pleasant surprise, I found out I've got commissions/3 sales so far! yay!!! Smile

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That's fantastic, Amy!! Congratulations!

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Congratulations. I'm not surprised, your nature stuff is awesome!

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Thank you so much! it is exciting Smile

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Thanks GiGi!

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Congrats, that's fantastic!

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I've been meaning to reply to this thread for the last week, I think that's so fantastic! I have been meaning to submit to stock sites, but just haven't done it. I'm about 800 images behind in processing, and can't get my head above water. But you totally should have been on stock all along, I love your nature stuff, so I'm glad you're making some cash!

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I also have been meaning to post on this sooner. CONGRATS! I love your nature stuff!!!! How exciting that your shots will be hanging on someones wall:)

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Wow thank you so much everyone. It's very cool. So far I have only put a handful on there because it still kind of feels like you're "giving away" your work, and I do wish I could see who buys it, but it's still exciting because that kind of thing is VERY competitive and most stock sites are overloaded with nature stuff. So I tried to add some specific subjects that were not so common..except for the Monarch chrysalis and honeybee lol.

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This is freak'n awesome, Amy!!! What a wonderful feeling, I'm sure!!!

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Thanks Jennifer! Smile