Stopping by... but I will be back!

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Stopping by... but I will be back!

Just checking in to let you all know I didn't ditch the board! My computer DIED and it took 3 weeks to have my computer built. It is here now, am TOTALLY overwhelmed with CS5 (was using a 1997 version of photoshop). Haven't even opened LR3 yet and need to switch my camera over to RAW now!

Just got a job offer in Oregon and have to make some tough decisions... It's where I grew up and want to return too... but my oldest is devistated at having to leave her friends, I am not sure how we will PAY for the move and DH is planning to stay behind and keep working here for 6-9 months. Trying to get my heart and head aligned is tough!!!! I will pop on now and then, and am still shooting (check my blog for a "wedding" my friend had. It was just her, him, the pastor and his wife and me!) and Facebook (try to keep some family stuff on there). But I need to take a short "leave of absence" until I can straighten things out. I will be watching you grow until then!

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Hopefully you get things sorted out soon, can't wait to see some of your pics.

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I hope everything works out. The decisions you have to make sound tough. I will pray that things turn out the best. KUP!