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Studio Setup ?'s

So I just got a studio kit with backdrop stand, 3 muslim backdrops, and 3 lights. How close or far do the lights have to be to the person to give good lighting, reduce shadows, but not blow them especially fair skinned children like mine? Also how tall or short do you make them? Does the height just depend on if they are sitting, standing, tall, or short? Just so I know I got this right or wrong where do you place the 2 white and black lights? I put the white ones on the sides of the kids and the black/silver one in front of them. Also how in the world do you keep them from looking so wrinkle free, is that just good editing or a lot of ironing and careful folding? They just came out the bag and you can see every crease made on them very clear in the pictures. Any advice on how to properly set it up to get the best use out of it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you ladies.

Here is the link to the actual kit I purchased just for reference:

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I'm no expert and I tend to kinda 'play it by ear' depending on my subject. I also only have 2 lights, not 3.

What I tend to do (and maybe someone will correct me if this isn't quite right) is place one light high and to the right or left of the camera at about a 45 degree angle to my subject. This is usually my primary light and the one I hope will create the catch lights in my subject. The other light I arrange lower and at various angles depending on height and pose of the subject to be my fill light. Some times I will use a reflector for this and will then use my 2nd light as a hair light or I'll point it at the backdrop to create some separation between the background and my subject. I do this when I am using my black backdrop (for example) while shooting someone with dark hair.

As for the creases ... talk about a pain the in .... I only have 2 muslin backdrops and I tend to only use the black one b/c with a little bit of burning, you can hide the creases and wrinkles pretty easily.

Hopefully someone else can help more than I have.

Best of luck and enjoy your new toys!!!