Was this stupid?

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Was this stupid?

DBF and I had been dating since FEB he broke it off after he got back from tour. (end of July) I am a planner. so I had things planned for his Bday WAAAy in advance. He is still my best friend in the world and I love him so very much (in a Christ-like way) He is so loving and kind, does SO much for others, but nothing ever done for him. EVER. So i threw him a surprise party only inviting his closest friends. After his friends left I gave him a new nikon d90, 2 lenses 70-300, 50mm. a bag and mem card, gift card to the movies and olive garden he would not accept it at 1st then was in complete shock. then he started to get really excited. He is also my assistant for many concerts and things I have to shoot. Perfect for him. But, was it stupid of me? His WHOLE life has been giving. Even though were not together any more (he was having a hard time wrapping his mind around the fact that I have 4 kids) He still means so much to us all. So many people tell me how stupid I am for getting this for him, unless they KNOW him, then they are touched. I dunno maybe this was a vent... grr... hate those!

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i think it was incredibly generous and amazingly kind of you to give him so much. you're a wonderful person kati and if you feel good about giving it as a gift then that should be enough. :bighug:

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I think it was an amazing thing for you to do for him. He is your best friend in the world, and that alone makes him deserving of your gifts. Smile

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I agree with the others.

As long as you feel comfortable doing this then you did the right thing!


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I agree this was very generous and completely fine as long as you are comfortable with it.