On the subject of upgrading...

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On the subject of upgrading...

I am curious how much of a difference upgrading my camera body would make. I have really been thinking hard about upgrading my D60 to a D90. I was going to post this yesterday, but ran out of time before work and today I saw Lisa's post about selling her D90, which reminded me.
I just remember when I first bought my DSLR, I thought I would just magically have beautiful photos and boy have I learned that is just not true! I don't want to have the misconception that if I upgrade my camera body, suddenly my photos will get better.
It would really just mean that I have more options, meaning I can learn to use the settings to get even better photos with time and practice right?
Is the biggest difference the ISO? I should be able to take better photos in less light with less noise with a better camera right? What other benefits are there for upgrading?
I think i could talk my husband into spending the money because he has already told me that he thought I would buy my first camera and just throw it in the closet and never use it LOL, but I use it every chance I get (which is not as much as I would like LOL).
Thanks for any input ladies!

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I don't know about Nikon cameras, but when I upgraded from the Xti to the 5D Mark II, there was an immediate and huge boost in the quality of my images. The Xti was very limiting and I knew exactly where the camera was letting me down. I hear all the time that you should be able to make great images with any camera...and I think to some extent it's true, but to another extent.....it's bull. I couldn't take a decent image above ISO 400 with the Xti, which I found very limiting for the way I need and want to shoot. The 5D has allowed me to expand the way I work artistically as well because the camera simply has more options and can do more.

My upgrade, however, was huge....I didn't just go up to the next highest level in camera...I jumped up 5 levels or so going from the cheapest consumer Canon to just below the highest pro Canon.

There really is something to be said for better tools. Anybody who has ever stripped a screw knows that not just any old screwdriver will do. The right screwdriver for the job at hand is important. And a craftsman screwdriver is always more reliable than a 1 dollar gas station screwdriver.

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"AmberBella" wrote:

I don't know about Nikon cameras, but when I upgraded from the Xti to the 5D Mark II, there was an immediate and huge boost in the quality of my images.

I could have written this word for word, except I had the XSi. Anything above ISO 400 was crap.

What kind of lens are you using now? Sometimes a nice lens upgrade hits the spot.

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ditto Amber, except I went from a pentax k100d which had really slow autofocus as well, to the canon 7d.

I dont feel that my work has instantly gotten 10 times better just because of the uprade, but I am able to capture photos in situations I wouldn't have been able to before. ie, inside my appartment I no longer need my flash, and I can now focus faster and catch my fast moving son more often

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I don't know much about the D90 per se, but I do know that for some of the newer bodies, it IS better performance at higher ISOs that is the big seller.

I have the D80 and it is NOT reliable over ISO 500. And I usually do all that I can to stay at or below 400.

My next upgrade (ha ha ha) will be either the D700 or D300, both of which are said to have HUGE improvements in high ISO performance!

Look at www.dpreview.com and see what they have to say about high ISO performance for the D90 before you jump.

However, another improvement (if I remember correctly) is the autofocus features of the D90 over the D60. I think the D60 has the same limitations of the D40 in the lenses that it can autofocus with (meaning you couldn't use the nifty fifty). I don't think the D90 has those restrictions.

Good luck and have fun once you upgrade!!!