suggestions for upcoming events PLEEEEEEEASE!!
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Thread: suggestions for upcoming events PLEEEEEEEASE!!

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    Default suggestions for upcoming events PLEEEEEEEASE!!

    Okay so My friend, who is Lily's mum is having a small get together Feb 27(so I have a little time) she has friends who have all recently had babies. She knows how much I want people practice so has invited me to come take pictures. 5 mum's five babies and a couple of toddlers. There is no pressure to perform and if all the pics turn out snap-shotty its all okay.

    Anyway she wants a list of things necessary to get the best pictures I can so of course the first thing I told her was lots of natural light was number 1 for me.

    But then I thought... what else would help ME!

    I was looking to give them suggestions of what colours photograph best. Light pinks and blues, browns but do you have any other suggestions for colours to wear or not to wear. the babies will be between 2 and 5 months and boys and girls.

    So this same friend is also getting Married on March 27th. I'm hoping to get some fairly good photo opportunities. I'm not one of those people you see at weddings who'll jump in front of the official photographer cos I know how hard you Pro's out there work but I'm hoping to be near by to get some shot of my own. I do have a speedlight and have been practicing cos the photographer will not be hanging around too much at the reception. Its a garden wedding but very after five. The thing is apart from the bride and groom, her brother and her parents we don't know anyone else there so it will be easy for me to just mingle through the guests without having to socialize so to speak.

    So can anyone direct me to any sites or whatever on learning how to shoot with speedlights. I mean I know there is nothing like reading a manual and practice but every little bit of info will help me.

    So on top of all that...... this same friend...... a week after her wedding they are christening their baby Lily.... busy girl I know, but they have family in from overseas for the wedding so wanted to have the christening in the same timeframe.
    Its not in a church, its at a house so nothing too formal but again she's asked that I get some candid shots from the christening and the party. I am dreading the white christening gown and sunlight. Any tips for that

    Talk about a heap of new experiences for me. I'm just looking to have fun, learn and grow from them.

    So I know this was is not just one question but whatever you can tell me will be appreciated and utilised and I hope to get to show you the results.


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    Cazz- I am not much help, seeing that I am a total newbie. I do want to say that I think it's great that you are taking all these opportunities to learn to shoot. I don't have a speedlight, so I am no help there either. As for what the kids & parents should wear- I think I would stay away from whites and blacks with the babies for sure- but that's just me.

    Where will you be taking pics of the Lily's friends? Will you be able to go outside? I suggest looking on flickr for ideas. I spend so much time there bookmarking the pics I like.
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    Wow, what great opportunities!!! You really are very lucky to be getting such a wide varity.

    I'm sorry I'm no help at all. I just want to offer my encouragement
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    Cazz, good for you for taking every opportunity to learn...

    For the shoot with all the babies...i would just have fun with it, solid color and no patterns are the best thing for these babies to wear ...if you have any diaper covers i would bring those and maybe you can get one or two without clothing and just the covers on.

    For your speedlight question...i would think the one thing that i can 't live without is my diffuser on the my flash...just gives a much more softer light and less PP afterwards.

    Also, if you want to find some more info on speedlights, you can go on youtube and search it, there is a lot of info and demonstrations on there.

    Have fun!

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