Summer Day! C/C please

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Summer Day! C/C please

Took this picture with my Canon Eos Xti with a 75-300mm lens, I wanted to know if you guys had any ideas on how to make it look better?

Thank you.

Jessica, mommy to twins Michael and Abigail and Sophia

DH Brandon, DT Mikey&Abby and Sophia

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I like it just as it is. It's quite photojournalistic (is that a word?!). I think B&W is a great choice as I am sure there could be lots of distractions in the colour version

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I would leave it as is. it's great Smile

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It's beautiful! I love it!

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I agree, I like it the way it is. I'm not a huge fan of tilts, but this one adds to the mood of the picture.

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I agree, it's great just the way it is! I'm like Jennifer and not a huge fan of tilts either, but it works well here! I think if it weren't tilted there would be too many lines and you they wouldn't all be straight.

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I really like it, as-is!

If you want to emphasize the family more, you could add a slight vignette, but I wouldn't over do it ... keep it at a fairly low opacity.

Nice job!

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I like it!!!! if you feel inclined to change something, I'd tone down the bright areas just a smidge, but it's nice the way it is too. Smile