Summer Sunsets

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Summer Sunsets

Well we are 1/3 into summer and we are yet to see much of any warm weather in fact is the coldest summer for almost 80 years.

Anyway I think tomorrow is going to be a very very warm one, judging by the sunset tonight.

I caught it at the end as I was inside but any way I thought I would share..

All I did to these was sharpen for web!

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Oh WOW, those are AMAZING!!!!

Let us know if it ends up being a nice day!

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wow! I need to try to capture a sunset one day!

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I was a beautiful day. Lovely and warm and sunny and then today it was 40 degrees(celcius that is) and it was horribly hot and it was also my Nan's funeral today so 80 people in a small room and lots of hugging and crying it made for a very uncomfortable day. funnily enough last nights sunset was uninspiring.

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The colors are just amazing, Cazz! I can almost feel the warmth radiating from them.


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These are beautiful! I love #3!

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Thanks Biggrin

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Love sunset photos. I tend to take lots of them myself! Wish it was summer here.....

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Such great color!

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I know. it was something beautiful to look at Biggrin