sunset session with my daughter cc

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sunset session with my daughter cc

My eyes are a little fuzzy this morning after editing 52 pics last night but I love them....I took Eva on a mad dash to the park Sunday evening because it was such a beautiful day and I'd been wanting to get pics of her in this cute dress of hers ever since her birthday in June :eek: ....I drove around and found this great abandoned building near some great rows of trees and a grassy sloped field.

I used the 50mm f/1.8 for all of them and was pleasantly surprised that my full-body shots came out pretty nicely as well as the closeups....but I did have to sharpen some of the full-body ones and when uploading to Flickr it loves to garble up the faces of those ones sometimes :/

Here are a few of my favorites, please CC anything you see, I really do want to grow with people photography and I feel like this session turned a corner for me!

I really had a blast doing this shoot with my lil sweetiepie and also got some of the gorgeous skies and farmland. The whole set is at Flickr and Facebook.

1. SS 1/1000, f/2, iso400

2. SS 1/1000, f/2, iso400

3. SS 1/640, f/2, iso400

4. SS 1/500, f/3.2, iso800

5. SS 1/200, f/3.2, iso800

6. SS 1/100, f/3.2, iso1600

7. SS 1/125, f/3.2, iso1600

8. I know she is centered here, but I wanted to keep the pretty light at the top Smile
SS 1/640, f/2.2, iso800

9. I also have a full-body shot like this...
SS 1/1000, f/2.2, iso800

10. I'll stop here for now, lol...
SS 1/640, f/2.2, iso800

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52 pics! That's great Amy!

1 & 2 I like better than 3 mainly b/c I love the glowing field!

4. Don't care too much for her just squatting...looks like she is going potty.
5. Looks like you did some burning here.... Some parts of the bg look a bit darker, like they were burned.
6&7- love the locations here!
8&9- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Seriously- you NAILED these. I love the tree, sun and her beautiful face on #8!

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Thanks for the cc Sadie! Yes 52 including lots of scenic shots. Smile

Yeah #5 I see the grass is too dark on the right, I'll fix that.

LOL I see what you mean about #4, funny because Cazz loved that one and I kind of do too but you're right.

Would love to hear more cc!

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Oh Amy! I can see why you love these! There are so many wonderful shots.

I am super short on time, so I am only going to pick a few on which to comment.

#9 is my favorite. It is tack sharp. Her eyes have great light and shine in them. It shows off her bubbly personality and the composition is great - I am drawn right to that smiling face. I can't think of a single thing I would change about this one!

#8 is another favorite and this is a shot that shows that there are times to break the 'rules' of photography. She is perfectly framed there in the center with the tree to her side and the tree line behind her. I wish you had been able to get more of a sun flare, but you would likely have given up some of the bokeh and then I don't think it would be quite as strong an image. Your lighting looks pretty good here with the foreground and subject nicely exposed. Only the one sun spot at the top of the frame looks blown and as it is the sun shining over the tree line, it's perfectly over exposed. (imho) Wink

#2 is another that makes it hard to choose a favorite. I love the soft golen light here. The aperture of f/2 nicely blurs out the weeds making them soft and pretty and just a seamless part of the background. Exposure looks great and the back light around Eva's head makes her look like she is glowing. So pretty! The only thing I can think of to nit pick here is the hill line - the background is darker on the other side of the hill and it somewhat draws my eyes. A tighter crop might help, but I also still really like this just as it is.

TFS! This is such a beautiful set. I would have to seriously consider canvas for #9 if I were you. Smile


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These are really great Amy!! I am totally jealous of the short sleeves to go with your autumnal colours, lol!

I would say my faves are 2, 6 & 8. Not that there are any I don't like, lol!

I think you got some great CC already. #4 doesn't bother me at all and I never thought it looked like she was going potty. The world would be boring if we all thought the same things. You seriously have to get one of these BIG for your wall.

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Thank you so much GiGi & Kerry!

GiGi, looking back at #9 full-size, her face is soft as if the focus hit the stone wall right next to her head. Darnit I do love that one but it might not print well in big size. :/ yesterday though I printed #2 on 8x10" and it looked great so I can't wait to get more printed for "real"!

I agree about #8, I thought the sky & leaves made for pretty bokeh and I only wished I could squeeze more of it in the shot, heheh.
Since you mentioned it, I DID get some shots of her with a sunflare coming from top left when she was next to a different tree (a multi-trunked tree), but I didn't post those because she was in front of a diagonal trunk coming up from the ground and so the trunk/branch was "going right through her" lol.

I did notice the hill line in the background of #2 too, but it wasn't too glaring I thought, and I didn't crop tighter because I liked the bokeh of the weeds in the back, and the depth....:)

Kerry, we have had some gorgeous warm days here in the past week! We have been lucky! it's crazy though because on 10/29 we had a few inches of snow, and all the nights are still freezing too.

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Amy, I love these!! I think you already got some great CC. My favorites are 6 and 9 Smile I think you did a great job!

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Thank you Stephanie.

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Such yummy light and fun photos!!!!

#1 Looks too much like a snap. But LOVE the light here!
#2 Again, beautiful light. I would probably have gotten lower to the ground, more on her level.
#3 Kind of the same as #2
#4 I didn't think of her going potty Smile I think it's cute
#5 Not doing too much for me. Can't quite pin point why
#6 I'd probably crop a bit closer
#7 I like, but a bit too centered
#8 What about a closer crop (about thigh level?) That way you could still keep the pretty light.
#9 Cute
#10 I like this one, but the hand chop is a bit distracting

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Thanks Jennifer!
Is #1 because of her arms/pose? It occurred to me too afterwards when I saw how her arms ended up but I still love it so much.

In #7, the angle was tricky on this narrow old porch in very low light and I wanted to have some of the red shrubs behind her for color/interest; also the light was coming from over my right shoulder. I was losing light but I maybe could have tried moving to my left some and turned, so that she could still be lit up in her face but I'd maybe have gotten her more to the right of the frame and still have the red foliage behind her....very tricky setup to still keep the nice angle of wooden posts too.

In #8, I did try a crop like that but hated to lose her boots lol.

I agree about #10, in hindsight I should have stepped back a step to get her hands in there.

Edit: Also, for #6, I did take a closer shot as well--I liked having both a close one and one further back to include that yummy light & color coming through the red shrubs Smile

Here is the closer shot: