Super Moon, Sunday June 23rd

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Super Moon, Sunday June 23rd

So ... is anyone going to try and capture this year's "super moon?" It's not supposed to be quite as spectacular as the 2011 super moon, but still seems like an awesome opportunity to grab some neat moon shots.

I am still trying to get back on a fairly normal sleep cycle (after totally reverting to late nights over our vacation) so I don't think I'll stay up late for it, but I'm interested in trying to get some "moon rise" shots if possible.

I found this article with some tips, if anyone is interested:

How to Photograph the Super Moon This Weekend


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It wasn't that much bigger but it was really nice looking right at the beginning of it rising. I didn't shoot it this time because when I photographed the last "supermoon" they looked no different than all of my other moon pics lol.

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I didn't catch it at the right time. It just looked like a regular moon here when I looked. Sad

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Just saw this thread. This is one I took of the supermoon