Superhero Ryken- Just a share

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Superhero Ryken- Just a share

I know a couple of you have done superhero photos with you LO. I attempted with Ryken and definitely want to redo this shoot sometime, but I was happy with what I got considering he was very uncooperative and my focus was REALLY bad in some of them. Anyway just sharing, no cc Smile


IMG_1248 by willis2485, on Flickr


IMG_1323 by willis2485, on Flickr


IMG_1304 by willis2485, on Flickr


IMG_1283 by willis2485, on Flickr


IMG_1252 by willis2485, on Flickr


15/52 Tiny Superhero On the Move by willis2485, on Flickr

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Oh my goodness, he is soooo stinking precious. You will have your hands FULL of girls coming over for your two boys!

I have to say, I love your B&W. I don't remember if you shared or not your process, but would you mind?

My favorite one is #1, I also LOVE #4, but really wish he had hands! LOL! Ohhh, just did a double take and adore #5.

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These are GREAT! B&w is PERFECT for that timeless feel.

I gotta admit though ... these make my heart hurt for the days when Logan was my little super hero. He went through a very long phase with it as he bounced from Dash (of the Incredibles) to Spiderman to Batman and then to Iron Man. There is a very big part of me who would like to turn back the time to live those days one more time.

I'm glad you took some time for these photos - I can promise you that you will cherish them always!


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Oh, these are just too much! He really is such a cute kid! Your b&w's are always wonderful Smile

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So much fun! He's really cute and has some hilarious and adorable superhero expressions going on, like in #4!

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Sadie- To be honest, I almost always use presets in Lightroom for B&W- this one is called Tally Ho. I then tweak them to my liking. I know some people frown upon using presents/actions, but I only take pictures for myself so I figure who cares?:)